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5 Clever Ways to Achieve Weight Loss This Summer

Fit woman doing yoga on the beach

Despite wanting to look our best during the summer (hello crop tops and swimsuits), summer can be a challenging season for weight loss.

There are so many valid reasons to get off track…travel, the kids are out of school, and your usual routine becomes atypical. 

And before you know it, you’re finding excuses to skip workouts, to go out for spur-of-the-moment ice cream, and to drink way too much cold rosé or beer.

Here’s the thing: summer may pose challenges for weight loss…BUT there are also many ways you can maintain progress WITHOUT giving up your fun summer.

With a little creativity and determination, you can easily still work towards your weight loss and health goals.


Here are 5 simple yet effective strategies to help you maintain your weight loss journey, regardless of travel, kids at home, or unpredictable schedules.


1. Swim With the Tide, Not Against It.


By far one of the biggest problems that sets people back during the summer: They try to force their “usual” routine to work during the summer. 

And when they can’t maintain their typical eating and exercise regimen amidst the abnormal summer schedule, they give up entirely and call summer a wash.

Your summer routine may look different from the rest of the year…that’s ok! Instead of fighting the change - wasting energy swimming against the tide and going nowhere -  simply acknowledge that this season is different and create a new schedule that DOES fit.

Woman doing a home workout

For example, instead of completely forgoing your usual hour-long gym workout, do some short bouts of HIIT training or bodyweight circuits at home. Or temporarily exchange the workouts for active activities you can do with your family like biking or walking.

When it comes to nutrition, put some structured flexibility around your eating.

Each morning during the summer, spend just 3-5 minutes planning out balanced meals and snacks based on what that particular day looks like. Then stick to that plan. If you go off-plan, reflect on why and make an adjustment the next day.


2. Pack Satiating Snacks…But Avoid “Snacking” 



There’s a difference between having a snack and snacking.

When you're on the road or on a plane with little to do, it's tempting to mindlessly munch on foods that give your brain a quick dopamine hit of pleasure (i.e. hyperpalatable food like chips and candy).

But we’ve all experienced that disgusting feeling that comes after several hours of constant snacking...blech.

Instead, no matter where you go - to the pool, your kiddo’s T-ball game, or on a road trip - pack nutrient rich snacks that will “solve” hunger.

I’m talking about foods that contain protein, fiber, or a combination of both that actually fuel your body, but aren’t necessarily things you could keep snacking on.

Fresh in-season fruits like cherries, peaches, and berries are an excellent choice but I also encourage you to think outside the box. Whip up homemade protein bars or energy balls using wholesome ingredients like oats and dates. Or create a trail mix made from nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, and then put it in pre-portioned containers. 

These tasty and nutritious alternatives will keep you satisfied, curb cravings, and help you avoid less than stellar choices during your summer adventures.


3. Plan Active Sightseeing 


Family going fishing

Ditch the bus tours and instead, get out and explore your destination actively.

Research and plan unique activities such as urban hiking, city bike tours, or paddleboarding in nearby lakes or rivers. 

Incorporate physical activity into your itinerary while immersing yourself in new experiences. 

By blending fitness with fun exploration, you'll burn calories, strengthen your body, and create unforgettable memories.


4.  Master "The Pause"


Woman pausing at a food truck

Most of the time, we see a tempting treat and we don't think - we just grab.

Eat first, regret later.

This is especially true during the summer when we're faced with a plethora of parties, BBQs, and festivals. 

Instead of just giving in to the urge, I encourage you to practice (and then master) what I call "the pause."

Basically, in the split second between seeing the temptation and grabbing it, simply pause and ask yourself this question: "Is this really worth it...or is my dream body worth more?"

Sometimes the answer is yes...but oftentimes just taking a short pause to consider what you're giving up in exchange (i.e. progress towards your goal) is enough to stop you from giving into an urge you might later regret.


5. Create a Fun Fitness Challenge 

Woman stretching before a run

During the summer, turn your fitness routine into an exciting and fun challenge. 

Create a summer fitness bingo board or a scavenger hunt with different exercises or activities to complete each day. 

Involve your family or travel companions, and make it a friendly competition. 

From jumping jacks on the beach to hiking to scenic viewpoints, these challenges will keep you motivated, break the monotony, and ensure you stay active throughout your summer adventures.


Have a Winning Mindset…and Invest in a Coach


Here’s the great thing about weight loss: the ONLY way you can fail is if you give up entirely. 

The process, regardless of the season or stage of life, is all about making sustainable choices YOU can stick to, getting back on the horse when you fall off, and celebrating little wins along the way (even when they feel insignificant).

But if you find yourself struggling to stay consistent or creating excuses for why you can’t stick to a plan, then I highly encourage you to invest in an expert nutrition coach to push you and keep you motivated throughout the summer and beyond. 

In fact, hiring a coach is one of the best investments you can make for your health and weight loss because not only will they customize a plan for your busy life...they then also help you navigate every obstacle that comes your way. 

It's also a form of commitment, because when you invest in your preventative health, you show up to get the results and make it worth your while.

If you would like to see if private coaching is right for you and your goals, simply book a free consultation call by clicking this link.


Cheers and Enjoy the Summer!


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